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How an SEO Company Can Help Your Business Grow?

SEO Company in Australia Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important marketing strategy today for businesses. There is intense competition for top positions in Google, Bing and other search engine results. According to a report by Fleishman–Hillard, 89 percent customers search online for products, services or businesses before purchasing. According to 61% of marketers, improving SEO is their number one priority inbound marketing. These are seven top ways that SEO companies can help you grow your business.

#1: Increase Online Visibility

SEO services can help you increase your website’s search rank and online visibility. HubSpot says that 75% of customers don’t make it beyond the first page of results. This means that potential customers might not know your business exists if it isn’t listed on the first page of search results.

Google gives high-quality websites top positions in search results. This will help you to have a high online presence. An SEO Company in Australia can ensure that your website meets all criteria Google uses when determining search rank.

#2: Increase Inbound Traffic

The most traffic is generated by websites that rank at the top of search results. 33% of all web traffic is directed to the first search result. 91% of that traffic goes to the results on the first page. An SEO company will optimize the website to increase its online search rank. This will result in more traffic to your site.

#3: Heighten Engagement on Social Media

It is crucial to do accurate keyword research in order to get your social media posts noticed. Your posts will be more popular if you use the most relevant keywords in your industry. An SEO company will provide the most current keywords for your posts. They can also optimize your images and videos to increase interest. This improves customer engagement and makes your company more trustworthy.

#4: Establish a Local Presence

According to Google, 30% of mobile search results are related to a specific location. It is vital to establish a local online presence because so many people are looking for highly-ranked businesses close to their location.

If your business is in Fort Lauderdale, you should hire an agency that offers local SEO services to help establish your local presence. The agency will search for your business in local directories. They will also create cross-links between your business and other businesses in the area.

This will help you to be found in Near Me searches as well as other location-based queries.

#5: Build Your Industry Authority

Google gives the top search results to websites that provide the most complete and relevant answers to queries. An SEO company will research the top keywords in your niche and create content that combines those keywords at the best density to rank high in search results.

Customers will start to trust your website when they find your content in the top places for industry keywords. This increases your industry authority.

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